Monday, June 30, 2014

Industrial Design Show Room

Assalamualaikum... dan salam sejahtera dan juga Selamat Berpuasa!

Sedar tak sedar dah tiba bulan Ramadan kan! ok lah lama sangat aku tak active blogging ni so aku ade banyak entry sebenarnya nak tulis cuma aku malas nak menaip sebab stuck dengan kerja yang bertimbun. Ok so 27hb June 2014 yang lepas aku pergi ke satu festival (I called it show room cuz it doesn't seems like it was a festival at ALL) and ya kinda surprised me cuz this time it's more exciting and more fun than last year's. So the show room (or we can call it as exhibition) was launched and organized by the Degree in Industrial Design students of University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

 Drawn by    : Lean Wei Min                                                        
             Art              : Flower Power                                                                    
Description : Flowers always make people better and happier. 
Material      : White mural paint, ball pen and color pencil.      

                                 Name          : Muhamad Hisyamuddin Bin Sudar
                                 Art              : Lively Koi
                                 Description : This semi-abstract painting show koi make water lively because the body color solute with water.
                                 Material      : Acrylic paint brush.

                              Name          : Fatin Norasmieza Binti Razaali
                              Art              : Life of Live
                              Description : Our life is about love, cherish and faith. Living in this life is so much fun when we understand and appreciate life.
                              Material      : Watercolor.

                                 Name          : Ho Ying Ying
                                 Art              : The Wave
                                 Description : Fountain of life.
                                 Material      : Watercolor.

                                 Name          : Muhamad Hisyamuddin Bin Sudar
                                 Art              : Zebra
                                 Description : Design using continuous line with parcel string to create the "Safari" feel of it.
                                 Material      : Soft pastel and parcel string.

                                 Name          : Amirul Azim Bin Abd. Rahman
                                 Art              : Alive
                                 Description : Thoughts of my life.
                                 Material      : Watercolor and pen.

                                  Name          : Tee Sze yin
                                  Art              : Flame
                                  Description : Do you feel alive?
                                  Material      : Poster color.
                                 Name          : Nur Natashadila Binti Mohd Fuad
                                 Design        : THEAR
                                 Description : Designed and used to help people who have hearing problem.
                                 Name          : Lean Wei Min
                                 Art              : Anorexic Beauty
                                 Description : Heart are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages.
                                 Material      : Liquid paper and ball pen.

                                 Name          : Teo Sheng Min
                                 Art              : Coat
                                 Description : To portray a coat in abstract form by arranging different type of edge shapes
                                                      in different ways by using cool colours.
                                 Material      : Acrylic.

                                 Name          : Ho Ying Ying
                                 Art              : Dark Side
                                 Description : Exposing herself to the world.
                                 Material      : Oil pastel and color pencils.

                                 Name         : Woo Han Sian
                                 Design        : Sport Bottle
                                 Description : Provide comfort for gripping taht avoid the sport water bottler from slip.
                                                     Aesthetic (capture the essence of Kobe Bryant).
                                                     Store at least 750ml of water or other beverage.
                                                     Durable, light and health care material (BPA free).
                                                     Lifespan of the product must be at least 5 years.
                                 Name         : Gan Soon Fong
                                 Design        :
                                 Description : Reduce time and man power needed by clearing big amount of rubbish.
                                                     Push rubbish trapped at floating booms to collection point move on water.
                                                     Clear floating and submerged rubbish.
                                                     Clear rubbish far away from floating booms.
                                                     Reduce rubbish flow out at side of trap during pushing of rubbish at river.

                                 Name         : Basyarah Hamat
                                 Design        :  PT 32 Machine
                                 Description : Can be operated with ease and comfort without comprising its users feel during operation.

                                 Name         : Basyarah Hamat
                                 Design        :  Danga Bay Outdoor Seat
                                 Description : Proposing a humble almost humanistic form language as its visibly thin frame and subtle curves merge and
                                                      compliments its surrounding area, it reflects the design philosophy of scattered leaves being blown by the wind.

                                 Name          : Tee Sze Yin
                                 Art              : Anatomy
                                 Description : Muscles and bones.
                                 Material      : Color pencils.

                                 Name          : Muhamad Hisyamuddin Bin Sudar
                                 Art              : Human Anatomy
                                 Description : To show human body structure from the inside.
                                 Material      : Color pencils.

                                 Name          : Wong Yee Fen
                                 Art              : Miss Anatomy
                                 Description : Drawing of anatomy with the "twist" of humor.
                                 Material      : Soft pastel and color pencils.

                                 Name          : Tee Sze Yin
                                 Art              : King and Queen
                                 Description : How become a good leader if didn't go through the darkest part of life.
                                 Material      : Water color.

                                 Design        :  Wheelchair Basketball
                                 Description : Athletes move and play basketball energetically, they can perform all the skill and technique very quick.

                                 Name         : Woo Han Sian
                                 Description : The design and trend of futuristic which inspired from the movie (TRON) is being applied in the new faucet design.

                                 Design        :  Ra-Tus Spices Management
                                 Description : Spices are dried part of plants which can be obtained from seed, fruits, roots, and barks. Malaysian use spices
                                                      to cook their meals everyday. There are many types of spices are available for cooking. To organize those
                                                      spices with minimize space consumption of spices container, a new design of spices container is needed.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trip to Pulau Penang


Perghh dah bape lama x update sbb busy dowh kerja kitchen and now finally i have my own time to TRAVELING! Ke mana? Kali ni ke Pulau Pinang. Sambil ke kenduri kahwin adik tiri kawan aku si Saiful a.k.a. Dato' Saiful katanya ni, sambil tu jalan2 lah kalau dah alang-alang kat Pulau Pinang... k bukan kat Pulau tapi kat Tasek Gelugor, Kepala Batas kampung dia... Aku tak pernah jejak langsung negeri ni and i was so fuc*king excited! (sorry for cursing). That feeling masuk aku dah masuk kawasan negeri and it was like "Hoho! tak sangka aku dah sampai sini! wuhuuuu!!!" aku rasa agak bebas lah daripada segala hal yang kat Kolumpo ni... peninggg pening....

 Pemandangan yang aku sangat-sangat inginkan bila bertemakan suasana kampung! kannn selalu tgk dalam tv jer.. hahahha.. kali ni depan mata! Cuaca sana ok lah... tak macam Kuala Lumpur..

 Semua gambar ni aku guna phone aku sendiri which is XPERIA L... Cantik jugaklah gambar.... kan! hihihi... this was before the wedding...

 Kampung ni agak menarik gak... sbb ruang yang besar and what's really impressed me was the living room... dorang gunakan sebagai tempat pelamin.. muat muat and it looked nice!

 Kiteorang agak "BUSY" sbb tolong menolong masa wedding ni berlangsung... mana taknya, ke sana ke sini.... time baru dapat rest.. aku still ingat kejadian kat dapur tu.. paip tercabut and air bersembur keluar kene semua orang.. sama-sama lenjun kene air.. hahaha...

 After wedding i changed my outfit and we go for a sight-seeing... sambil tu shopping lah sikit... and tak sangka dapat lah pulak merasa durian ni secara percuma by someone yang dorang panggil Pak Long... memang berbau mulut aku.. hahahha...

 Going more further from kampung, me, Saiful and his sister; Pika akhirnya sampai ke rumah Rempah Kari Ali tempat dimana rempah-rempah dibuat... aku tak pernah nampak basikal yang macam dalam gambar ni, i admit aku jadi macam budak kecik bila excited tgk bende ni.. mcam nak bawak lari. hahhahahah... 

 Masa masuk ke dalam, perasan dorang tengah buat rempah and i asked "Rempah apa ni?", "Oh, ini rempah Kari Ikan". bau dia kuat gak... sedap jer bau...

i bought RM5 of kunyit?! what's should i do with this? hahaha.. in mind aku cuma terfikir nak masak ayam goreng pakai kunyit.. perghhh padahal kalau aku beli rempah kurma ke.. kari ke.. ape ke.... lagi lah sedap kan? x sangka aku beli ini saja! 

The famous jeruk yang orang-orang sebut when it comes to Jeruk Madu Pak Ali, Pulau Pinang.. aku tak suka jeruk-jeruk ni.... but when my friend said I have to try and he kept forced me try one of THIS JERUK! k fine aku try... rasa punya rasa... perghhh sedap giler dowh... ingatkan jeruk-jeruk camni masam, x sedap plak tu.. tapi yang ni lain daripada yang lain.. manis, rasa madu sikit dan sedap! huh! bagus.... hhahahahha... oh ya, just a reminder, kalau nak beli make sure korang beli jeruk ni yang ada berdekatan Pinang Sentral yang tempat bas banyak ni... cari kedai yang ada balang-balang besar camni... korang bleh dapat murah termasuk Kuah Rojak Mak Bee.. kenapa? sbb kalau korang beli kat tempat lain mmg they all akan jual Kuah Jeruk RM5 untuk 1 botol... 3 is equal to a dozen. kalau beli kat sini.. 3 botol korang bleh dapat dalam RM10 jer... murah kan?

 this picture was captured when all of us was on the Ferry! tak sangka aku dibawa naik ferry menuju ke Pulau Pinang.. aku senyum lebar masa ni... hahaha... i would jump into the sea... but no.. bau dia x sedap.. so x jadi lah. ceh.

Aku selalu dengar orang utara dok sebok sebut sebut pasembur pasembur! Aku tak pernah tau and tak pernah cuba pon makanan ni... So dekat Pulau ni my friend brought me to Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang untuk mencuba Pasembur ni.. hmm agak mahal sbb memang sini tempat tarikan pelancong but it was worth it lah sebab sedap.. nasib baik kan? SEDAP. hahaha... Pasembur ni terdiri daripada timun mayang, bawang, ubi kentang, tauhu, taugeh, udang kering, ketam goreng berempah, sotong goreng, dsb. dihidang bersama kuah kacang manis berempah. Kuahnya hampir sama seperti kuah gado-gado ataupun kuah sate.

Laksa Penang... sejak dulu teringin nak makan Laksa Penang ni dekat negeri nya sendiri... baru lah ada feel kan agaknya? hihihi... Sama dekat mana2 tempat kita makan Laksa Penang, bahan-bahan asasnya tetap sama... Contohnya macam ikan kembung/selayang, bunga kantan, dan asam keping.

bila sampai Pulau Pinang memang banyak kedai-kedai yang korang nampak jual Jeruk Pak Ali tapi korang kene bandingkan dulu lah... tadi aku dah cerita beli jeruk yang murah... okay so kedai yang ni terletak kat Pulau dia... lupa belah mana tapi macam ni lah... kat sini aku beli Minyak Panas Buah Pala... RM5 untuk satu botol yang kecik tu... Baju pon beli kat sini gak... RM5-RM12 x silap harga dia.. murah lah... XD

Aku sebenarnya x puas lagi travel kat sini... disebabkan masa yang tak mengizinkan... insyAllah next time I'll make sure I'M here again! this time, you'll a whole lot of pictures! hah!