Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yuna Live in Malaysia 2015


I'm so excited that I finally got a chance to go to Yuna's concert here in Malaysia. It is hard to see her here since stay always in US. Our very own Malaysia's contemporary pop singer Yunalis Zarai or also known as Yuna recently performed live at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center for an exclusive show on 16th October 2015. The show was organized by The Livescape Group, and the tickets was sold out more than the organizer and me, myself and I expected to be. Yuna made it to attract 3000 fans of all ages singing along to the pop star's catchy music.

Yuna the sensational singer songwriter is known for her unique blend of contemporary pop, acoustic folk and soulful R&B sound. She began writing her own songs at the age 14 and started performing solo on her MySpace page in 2006 before she formed a band. 

This was the first time we both came to Yuna's show and we were super excited to see her live here in Kuala Lumpur. Amin cakap dulu dia convo sama ngn Yuna, and dulu katanya Yuna selalu gak perform kt UiTM. Amin sendiri terkejut ngn perubahan Yuna yang maju gila babeng skang. Hahahaha. And uhm, I'm from UTM so xde kaitan di situ. YUNA! Please lah buat lagi show kat sini!

 Opening act was performed by Noh and and backup singer, Nurul Syamim. Noh was so "kelakar" and nervous at the same time. The crowd had a big time with him. Thanks Noh!

 Yuna's dress by Hatta Dolmat.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Big Spoon, Subang Jaya


Hi everyone! I haven't update any post about food for quite some times. Have you been and tried to Big Spoon? A food of taste in essence of the authentic American-Chinese cuisine in the form of mouth-satisfying full of big spoon. Like literally BIG SPOON! Just wanna let you guys know, this restaurant is pork-free and alcohol-free restaurant. It is a HALAL restaurant. No doubt okay...

We went to the branch located at Aeon Big in Subang Jaya. It opens daily from 11am until 10pm. All price range is RM++ which is very affordable to all of us. Originally founded in 2014 in Malaysia, Founder , Mr. Sun has always dream of not just serving authentic Chinese cuisine but combining the essence of American gourmet recipes that he had learnt in San Francisco, California since 2004; he is determined to offer his unique American-Chinese recipes to the masses.

 Ma Poh Tafu with Rice (RM1.90).  

 Oriental Salad (RM1.90). I love this simple yet crispy salad with all the ingredients used. 

 Chicken Cold Noodle (RM7.60). Chinese Noodle with shredded chicken served while not-so-cold to give you the taste of its deliciousness.

 Dumplings with In House Special Sauce (RM3.90). I'm in love with this!

 Now when you said about fried food served while hot, this is a must have when you to this Big Spoon. For RM3.90 I am assuring you that you would order this not twice, but many of it!

Big Spoon is recipe of its own and inspired from the finest the finest tradition of the Chinese Cuisine, mixing perfectly with the combination of the American Gourmet recipe. 

Renowned for its signature big-spooned Chinese noodle and an extensive range of refreshing gourmet dishes that compliments harmoniously with the original recipe, it has since evolve to become one of the fastest growing lifestyle Pork-Free Chinese Fusion Cuisine and Restaurant in Malaysia.

Unplanned food hunting leads us here! Hahaha thanks guys for the food hunting session! See you soon!

Diploma Computer Science (Multimedia) MEXIT 2015


On 14th September 2015, as a Computer Science (Multimedia) of University Technology Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, we finally succeeded in handling MEXIT event as proposed by our lecturer Puan Raja Aida Raja Shaharuddin as our final project. This event was held at Dewan Besar, University Technology Kuala Lumpur and was running from 9am until 5pm. With a total of 42 students in our class, we all managed to do our own responsibilities and duties in entire event. The purpose of this event is to show that Computer Science (Multimedia) course or know as a DDPZ have lots of services and other creative things that could be learn and done by our classmates. The target were public; everyone from students to lecturers, staffs, and outsiders (public). MEXIT originally named from Multimedia and Information Technology; we shortened it to MEXIT for easy use of pronouncing and for a logo.

We have a total of five booths and each been handled by those who are in passion in what they are doing. I was in charged as a The Vice President of MEXIT and also a leader in Art Gallery Booth. 

We did two services; Gravity Art Name and Digital Face Tracing. Gravity Art Name was handled by Amirul Badri and Digital Face Painting was handled by Fais Amir with a remarkable number of customers!
We also showed lots of our drawings and painting along the way in the hall to attract more people. All drawings and paintings shown along the hall was prepared by me.

"Annoyed Anchovy" - Kyrel Rosli

"Eagle" - Kyrel Rosli

"Twisted Illusion" - Kyrel Rosli

"City of Perspective", "Birds", "Deep Hole" - Kyrel Rosli

"Human Eye" - Kyrel Rosli

"Midnight Moonlight" - Kyrel Rosli

"Koi" - Kyrel Rosli

 I stood in front of two of my paintings. "Penguin" and "Blue Monochrome".

Members of Art Gallery Booth; (from left-side) Fais Amir, Syarafi Iqbal, Kyrel Rosli (me), Shahrul, Puan Raja Aida, Edlyn, Amirul Badri.

The second booth was Hana Meow; Printing and Design Booth. This booth was held by the two of our classmates Amirah Hanani and Syafiq Asyraf. They already have this business and so we decided to ask them to be a part of booth services.

 These button badges and key-chains is custom-made and ready-made. People could either design their own badges or ask the owner to do it for them. All prices are at low rate; affordable price.

Some of other items being sell at Hana Meow Booth.

Third booth is the Raksa Team Booth. A booth for all services from photography to videography.

This booth served a photography booth session for all people with only RM10 per service (with printed pictures). They made this all by themselves!

Sculpture was sculpted by Syafiq Saim. Raksa Team was founded on 16 February earlier this year with a total of 5 members from same class. Any inquiries please direct to 

Sempat lagi! hhahahha okay bye

We also provided services for PC Maintenance. For this booth, Arif Zharfan was in-charged for making this part succeeded. We have lots of customers who came for their laptops to be repaired.  

One of the laptop being checked and cleaned on the event.

And lastly we have Gaming Booth. Who doesn't love games anyway? Oh i do! eh hahaha... Okay so this booth provide free games for the students or public to relax themselves. We have two games to be played.



The number of guests kept increasing since the moment we open the event and it does not like we were expecting to be. Total number of guests who came to our event almost reach to 400 guests! Thanks to those who came and we are glad and proud to have you in our event. 

Magic performance by Low Shiah Hao

The event was successfully went well and I as the Vice President for this project would love to thanks to all the participants who work hard on this big project. Tho we have problem at the beginning, we came across with brilliant problem solving and managed to do it all like a adult. Good luck on your final and may we meet again someday. Thanks to Ain-Syahtul Syahira for all the photos and Afrina and the geng for the blossoms decoration!