Thursday, August 3, 2017

Electric Run Recharged 2017 World Tour [Malaysia]


Have you ever joined AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged? This would be my very first time joining this event and it was AWESOME!!! Alright, now scroll to read more about this event.

AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged is one of the world's most colourful and musical 5km night fun runs.The 2017 RECHARGED World Tour amped up our healthy living by taking us on a 5km journey through their seven unique course lands, with all of them featuring a variety of lights and sounds.

Few days before the event; Race Kit Collection at MyTown Cheras.

Friendly staff at the back! πŸ˜‚

 With my squad (From left : Arif, Ecah, Ad)

Minutes before flag off

Look at the amount of participants! 

Electroband started to light up as the we were just started to flagged off. Electroband is an exclusive LED-powered bracelet that connected us with all of our friends and other participants as we could feel the beat as the pulsating light from the bracelet guided us to all of the themed dance party zones, accompanied by music every kilometer of 5km running.

First checkpoint; big sized mural art with DJ playing some music to our ears!

EDM party~!

This is not Zouk Club okay~! haha.. 

LED Light Tunnel!

Can't believe I also managed to get back to my ideal weight. Running is fun when they got all kind of theme and all but don't forget your points / goals why you join running.

Electric Run Recharged's medal! Finally I have completed my 5th running for July issue! 😍

Look who did I met!

It was a lot of fun joining this event with their seven unique checkpoints! Would definitely join this event again! 😍

This was few days ago at Floria, Putrajaya for AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged 2017 World Tour with my friends and then we bumped with @schaalyahya yang join jugak running ni.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

41st Bon Odori Festival, Shah Alam


Every year this Japanese-Malaysian Cultural Exchange event is held at the National Sports Complex in Shah Alam, Selangor, with an expected attendance of over 30,000 participants on average. Bon Odori (η›†θΈŠγ‚Š) is a traditional Japanese dance festival and a captivating cultural event. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Malaysia & Japan, and to celebrate, there were special fireworks display, drum performance, Bon Odori dances and more!

 Free admission and free fan with Program Tentative on it.

 Bought Inari Sushi 3pcs for RM5. My favourite!

This Japanese Raindrop Cake looks like a big drop of water. It is a transparent jelly-like cake served with Kuromitsu (Brown Sugar Syrup) and Kinako (Soybean Flavour).

As requested by Ecah! πŸ˜‚

Dorayaki 3pcs for RM5! 😍

Bought 2 packed of Yakult for RM8.

Not your ordinary Ice Cream! 😍

Japanese Food

There were also Japanese guests and family who came to the event wearing their traditional Yukata (ζ΅΄θ‘£).

It was a beautiful day as the day itself shines for the entire day! I mean, look at those shadows, and people, and everything! Tak sia-sia datang wehhh! Ecah sebagai model of the day. Gituh!

While waiting for the Opening and Drum performance to start, took a photo of me with Performance stage in front of me. What I love about this event is that, the crowds can choose to sit at the grass or even standing around the stage for an up-close view! 😍

 Ad Rosli interrupted! Huhuhu


 Drum Performance

You actually wear Yukata to this Festival. There were lots of people (local and non-local) wore Yukata too! Really convinced me that I was in Japan! πŸ˜‚


This event is held every year, so if your ever missed this opportunity, there's always next year!

Meet my friends! (From left to right) Ecah, Azira, Tini, Ad Rosli, Arif Lela and me (Kyrel Rosli). Unplanned journey always leads us to the great adventure! We were supposed to go a wedding but ended here as we were very late to make it to the wedding. LOL! πŸ˜‚