Day By Day

When i open my eyes, there's sweet sunshine. With the fresh aroma of fruits all around and with a cup of my favourite mocha latte, I sit on this small terrace... And when i think of you... I start to smile unknowingly.. It feels like only good thins are going to happen. I CAN FEEL IT! We haven't asked each other if this is possible if we can love like this. But who cares? Like magic, i can't hide this feeling like I'm about to fly~ Day By Day.. my heart, I'll fill it with love, like your heart too... Like a soft cream, let's look upon each other, Please think only of the good things. Even if at times, well SOME THINGS may hurt my heart.If i just think of those wonderful memories of you. I can be happy... With a DARK square pencil.. Hold up! Are you writing my name? Your burning eyes that seem like it will make me melt down like an ice being hot by that stupid Bunsen Burner at school lab. Comes to my mind~ Let's walk along these streets together...