Sunday, November 5, 2017

Superheroes Race Finale (University of Malaya)

Assalamualaikum, hi!

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog and today I'd like to talk about Superheroes Race Finale!! Yes, this was the last volume for Superheroes Race this year. I am proud of myself for participated in this event and previous volumes (Superheroes Race Vol. 1 and Superheroes Race Vol. 2).

This is the reason why I decided to join Superheroes Race (3 volumes) in the first place. How can one not resist the majestic medals? I mean look at that! Superheroes Race Vol. 1 (left), Superheroes Race Finale (middle), and Superheroes Race Vol. 2.

Running Time Record:

Morning started with Baby Shark Doo Doo by Summersault and cute little heroes! 😍

With Nix Lit Xin 1st runner-up, we ran with each other on the second lap and he managed to ran faster than me at the finishing line. And I managed to be as a 2nd runner-up, just a few meters from him! Hahaha 😂

 Black Panther costume is a-ma-zing!

 Gempak giler baju Batman ni!

Maybe this would be my last running for this year as I would be busy for the next few months (hey, I said MAYBE lorhh). Lovin' my orange certificate for this Finale round. 😍

Alhamdulillah I finally completed the final volume of Superheroes Race Finale here in University Malaya. It was an amazing experience as this was my first time being as a 2nd runner-up in 1 hour and 10 minutes! 😍

Asalnya the first 3 people they all sampai awal giler kat finishing line. We were supposed to do 10km but those three runners did it in 5km only! Geram pulak aku.

By fault tempat kedua jatuh kat aku! Hahahaah yay! The first runner (10km) was Nix; damn he did it very well! Thank you Nix for the last 5km running together till the finishing line! See you guys on next event! 😋

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween : Boo Night Run 2017

Assalamualaikumm, hi peeps!

Finally it's October and we all know it's the month for Halloween! Me and my friends decided to join the Boo Night Run; that was held at MAEPS, Serdang on 28th October 2017. This was our second time joining Halloween Fun Run. Yela bukan selalu jadi hantu! Hahaha

She's always killin' it! Lydia selalu win bila ikut tema.. This time is a lot more scarier I supposed.

 At the starting point

 Arif... Dude does that supposed to be scary or what! LOL

Everyone gathered at the stage for warming up session.

 And of course when there's a run, there's zumba. I was not able to took a video this time as I was soooo into this zumba thing. Hahaha

 Murderer detected!

 Checkpoint 1 : The Ghost House

 This is was does it looked like inside The Ghost House. They kept screaming the hell out of us!

 How wonderful to see my dead body! I mean skeleton..

 Ni nak merasuk ke lapar? Hahaha

Checkpoint 2: The Cemetery

 5km fun run? lol all we did was walking the entire path. Ya we did a little jog but still managed to finish this. Hahahhaa.. mission accomplished!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Electric Run Recharged 2017 World Tour [Malaysia]


Have you ever joined AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged? This would be my very first time joining this event and it was AWESOME!!! Alright, now scroll to read more about this event.

AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged is one of the world's most colourful and musical 5km night fun runs.The 2017 RECHARGED World Tour amped up our healthy living by taking us on a 5km journey through their seven unique course lands, with all of them featuring a variety of lights and sounds.

Few days before the event; Race Kit Collection at MyTown Cheras.

Friendly staff at the back! 😂

 With my squad (From left : Arif, Ecah, Ad)

Minutes before flag off

Look at the amount of participants! 

Electroband started to light up as the we were just started to flagged off. Electroband is an exclusive LED-powered bracelet that connected us with all of our friends and other participants as we could feel the beat as the pulsating light from the bracelet guided us to all of the themed dance party zones, accompanied by music every kilometer of 5km running.

First checkpoint; big sized mural art with DJ playing some music to our ears!

EDM party~!

This is not Zouk Club okay~! haha.. 

LED Light Tunnel!

Can't believe I also managed to get back to my ideal weight. Running is fun when they got all kind of theme and all but don't forget your points / goals why you join running.

Electric Run Recharged's medal! Finally I have completed my 5th running for July issue! 😍

Look who did I met!

It was a lot of fun joining this event with their seven unique checkpoints! Would definitely join this event again! 😍

This was few days ago at Floria, Putrajaya for AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged 2017 World Tour with my friends and then we bumped with @schaalyahya yang join jugak running ni.