Imtiaz Gathering at The Sumbs Cafe, Shah Alam


"A special gathering with my #imtiaz100 from MY, SG, and ID. Today @TheSumbsCafe Shah Alam. A day to remember!" Setahun berlalu and on 28 December 2013 was the first official Imtiaz gathering... Fans of Imran Ajmain from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia all gather around at The Sumbs Cafe, Shah Alam for this anniversary gathering and also dapat dengar Imran Ajmain nyanyi live for the first time of his 6 out of 7 songs from his new album.. They got Q&A session too! Plus with all the delicious food from The Sumbs especially made for Imtiaz was like whoa! Everyone enjoyed it! Sangat-sangat SukaSucre! The theme was turquoise sebab tu ramai pakai turquoise dalam gambar2 ni.

Yang sampai awal.. hihihi... setia menunggu member yang lain! XD
Dari kiri: Syamsir, Innerviena, Rudy, Fara, Amal, Manal, Duratul Ain, and Haziyah... 

 Big size live Instagram special for Imtiaz! Thanks to Zairi Aziz for the cut-out!

A surprise from Imran Ajmain and Fadzley Yaakob. Dessert for imtiaz! Everyone was terliur and surprised. You know what was the first word that came out from our mouth? "Wahhhhhhhhhhh...." haha.. by the way the food mmg sangat sedap! Thx The Sumbs and Dr Fazley Yaakob!

We all have around 4 to 5 hours jer gathering ni... it's quite best lah sbb other than just a fan meeting, imtiaz jugak buatkan semua ibarat family... yang jauh dan dekat dirapatkan. Kenal satu sama lain... you know ikatan silaturahim. Cumanya aku ni susah betul nak bukak mulut arghh... =00=" haish. Alright xmoh citer aku jer hmm finally sesi bergambar bermula.. hehehe camera sana sini! so here's my work. Candid and formal. PS: Sorry kalau gambar x cantik ke ape ke but really it look nice cuz you get to see the happiness yg ada dalam gambar.. how it does it feels to be a member of imtiaz.. sangat happy! These last 4 picture mmg sengaja besarkan.. biar semua puas menatap gambar masing2. hihihihi..