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Hi all! So there was a time when Boat Noodle became so famous because you can eat it stratified at a very low cost and it feels like you're currently somewhere in Thailand. I may be outdated but hey, I've tried it and no wonder why it became so famous! And it still famous until today! I love the Green Tea!

 Boat Noodle have lots of outlet and one of it located at The School @ Jaya One, P2, same floor as Cold Storage. Like I said, it feels like you're in Thailand. Hahaha.. love it!

Here is the Menu. One bowl of Beef / Chicken Noodle is only at RM1.90, an affordable price for everyone! I was told by my friend, Amin Jamean that they only served Noodles before, and then they started to serve other menus as you can see on the menu. 

We ordered 4 bowl of Ayutthaya Beef Thai Rice Noodles and 4 bowl of Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodles.  Sekali suap jer ni! Onnomnomnom hahaha... As for the beverage mine was Thai Iced Green Tea (Cha-Keow-Yen) and Amin's was the Thai Iced Lemon Tea (Cha-Manao-Yen).

A bowl of Thai Chicken Rice Noodle RM1.90. Now, you see that there's two different names of noodles type, one is Ayutthaya and the other one is Pathumthani. Ayutthaya is a recipe originates from the Ayutthaya province near Bangkok and has an intense flavor based on creamy dark broth with no less than tea herbs like the one you see in the picture above. Senang citer kuah cair lah ye nok. 

A bowl of Thai Beef Rice Noodle RM1.90. This is the Pathumthani-based. Pathumthani recipe is a dark soy sauce derived broth and has an appetizingly sour-ish with a delicate spicy flavor. Made with approximately 19 herbs, it also contains generous usage of five spice powder, star anise and cinnamon sticks. Where else you can this all 19 herbs in one bowl for only RM1.90 dude!! At Boat Noodle lahh... so come here lah! Aiyaaa.... hahaha 

 Thai Popeye Tempura.

 I love this Crispy Chicken Wings deep in Thai Chili Sauce! Had to double the order because of the deliciousness! Hahaha! XD

 Don't forget to try this Thai Chicken Wings with Thai Chili Sauce and Fried Curry Leaves! RM4.90

Thai Iced Lemon Tea (Cha-Manao-Yen) RM6.90 and Thai Iced Green Tea (Cha-Keow-Yen) RM6.90

If you are coming to Boat Noodle, Jaya One. Don't forget to call first if you coming with a group of your friends to reserve the best spot! 010 - 726 83525 (Jaya One)

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