Songkrun 2017, (MAEPS, Serdang)


Songkran is Thailand's most famous festival. An important event on the Buddhist calendar, this water festival marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. The name Songkran comes from a Sanskrit word meaning 'meaning' or 'approaching'.

For the first time ever, SongkRUN is bringing the World's First Water Fun-Run experience to the casual runners and fun seekers. A non-competitive fun run, SongkRUN course features multiple Water+Music Zones.

Ecah having fun shooting water at random people at Zone 4 - Rain Shower 

Joining as a group with my Adik Beradik Manis (ABM) members; Kak Inn, Lydia, Fatini, Ecah, Ad and myself (Kyrel Rosli), all of us took the Shooter Pack (consist of T-shirt, wristband, medal, waterproof pouch for our phones for a selfie purpose and duh... for protective purposes from the water and last but not least Water Gun! I would say that ALMOST every runners took this package because what a Songkrun without a water gun! 😂

Knowing that this Songkrun would crowded as the amount of people started increased since early morning, we gathered and took our race kit and the main entrance and wait until the flag off started.

 Tudia Kak Inn!

 Posing again and again since tunggu flag off lama sangat.. huhuhu

Finally Ecah sampai! Sambil tu kiteorang tunggu Tini pulak, she apparently lambat sikit due to some Uber issue.

 Met this awesome Storm Trooper at the Starting point. Awesome giler costume dia! 😍

 Besties + Cookie (takkan berpisah) 😂

Each pitstop awaits you with the greatest splashing water moments and music stations. Jive and groove with the latest beats whilst friends and family try to drench you and vice-versa. Like Ad Rosli (above) been ambush by a group of Chinese Friends when were trying to take a photo. lol!

 Pay back!

The Songkrun pit stops consist of 5 zones in total. Zone (Water Fountain), Zone 2 (Foam Party), Zone 3 (Rainbow Party), Zone 4 (Rain Shower) and lastly Zone 5 (Fire Brigade). Zone 4 (Rain Shower) is shown as the above and below pictures where all the runners were provided with a big giant container with a bunch of freezing ice in it! 

This was Ecah after she got drenched with a big packet of ice on top of her. Hahaha 😂

Arrived at the finishing point! See that big giant lorry? It contains a big pipe (not just 1 lorry tho), after all the runners have arrived, they then started to fire a giant mass of water above the crowd for a Zone 5 (Fire Brigade) final mission! I believe the purpose was to having fun and enjoying ourselves as the DJ playing some upbeat music! It was so much fun weh! Please lah join next year!

 The medal! (Credit to random people who shot at my medal while I was taking a photo)

 The whole ABM crew!

I end this post with an Ice Cream Roti okay. See ya!