Halloween : Boo Night Run 2017

Assalamualaikumm, hi peeps!

Finally it's October and we all know it's the month for Halloween! Me and my friends decided to join the Boo Night Run; that was held at MAEPS, Serdang on 28th October 2017. This was our second time joining Halloween Fun Run. Yela bukan selalu jadi hantu! Hahaha

She's always killin' it! Lydia selalu win bila ikut tema.. This time is a lot more scarier I supposed.

 At the starting point

 Arif... Dude does that supposed to be scary or what! LOL

Everyone gathered at the stage for warming up session.

 And of course when there's a run, there's zumba. I was not able to took a video this time as I was soooo into this zumba thing. Hahaha

 Murderer detected!

 Checkpoint 1 : The Ghost House

 This is was does it looked like inside The Ghost House. They kept screaming the hell out of us!

 How wonderful to see my dead body! I mean skeleton..

 Ni nak merasuk ke lapar? Hahaha

Checkpoint 2: The Cemetery

 5km fun run? lol all we did was walking the entire path. Ya we did a little jog but still managed to finish this. Hahahhaa.. mission accomplished!

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