I Need A Time Machine

Alone in the room that is more spacious than usual. I guess it's over. The story created by the two of us was also in vain. I can't believe it could crumble so easily. "One mistake, got a one regret..." Nobody perfect even if I try to say and hear it. The pain won't heal no matter what. Right now, if I could ride a time machine, I'll go to meet you. I wouldn't wish for anything else before the memories become distant and fleeting... I NEED A TIME MACHINE~ Time slows to a crawl when I'm by myself... The punishment for my mistakes is severe. The last words that you left behind, even now I can't stop re-playing the refrain. Well my still hurts.... "Just one mistake, just one regret..." I still love you selfishly. If I able to meet you passing through time and space even if it's heading to same conclusion, I'm sure there won't be any regrets left. Give me a time machine... I NEED A TIME MACHINE~!