Semester Break Universiti Teknologi Malaysia International Campus Kuala Lumpur

So it's officially Semester Break. first time life as a university student of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.. panjang betul tajuk post nie. hahaha lolz.. just wanna attract u guys baca post nie... ok so usually when its semester break, of course go out after a stressful final exam... im one of them.. yaa... alright so where we're gone? To Sunway Pyramid located in Shah Alam... pegi dgn kawan2 from Sabah, Sarawak, Pulau Pinang, Perlis, Kedah. Mainly are chinese... its good to have friends other than your own races... strengthen the bridge.

 At first kiteorang mampu tgk jer orang2 nie main ski.. too many, crowded.

 dari dpn: Miza, Tiffany, Jou, and ahmm other course-mates. sori forgot their names.. huhuhu.. T_T
 At the end they decided to go for a ski since dah x sabar nak main... aku x main, just mampu tgk sbb x reti ahhh.. hahahhaha... next time i'll try.
 But the rest of us jalan2 satu Sunway...

Entry nie simple sangat..hahahaha... most of the time just banyak gelak dengan dorang... especially dalam train, it took ALMOST 2 hours i guess nk sampai KSJ. perghh punya lama...

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