Short Explanation of Cardiopulmanory Resuscitation (CPR)


Okay so i wrote about Cardiopulmanory Resuscitation (CPR) || Life-Death Situations as you can see on my previous post. Ya, some asked my explanation is too long and they couldn't understand well. Alright so here's the simple explanation.

You can breathe for him and may keep him alive until medical help arrives. Many lives have been saved because someone knew how to do this. A person can stop breathing from abuse of drugs and alcohol , drowning, gas poisoning. electric shock, choking, heart failure, smothering, or other causes. The fastest and best way to get air into him is to blow air into his mouth and lungs. This is called mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.

How to do it?

  1. if you can see anything in the mouth of the person who is not breathing, turn his head to one side and clean out his mouth. Put the victim on his back. Tilt his head back so that his chin points up. Sometimes he will then start to breathe by himself.
  2.  If he does not start to breathe by himself when you have done this, then you will need to start blowing into his mouth. Keep his head tilted back and with one hand pinch his nose shut ti keep the air from coming out there. Make an airtight seal with your mouth over the victim's mouth and then blow into his mouth until you can see his chest rise.
  3. Raise you mouth after each time you blow and turn your face to the side and listen for air to come out of his lungs. Blow air into the mouth about 12 times a minute for a grown person. If you blow every 5 seconds for adults, that will be 12 times a minute. For children, use short puffs every 3 seconds. That will be about 12 times a minute. Keep this up until medical help arrives or until the person starts to breathe by himself.