Industrial Design Fest Odyssey 2015, University Technology Malaysia Kuala Lumpur


ID Fest made it come back this year at Dewan Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid! Lots of ideas and creativities from variety of design were shown. Gambar2 yg aku amek ni semua yg aku suka and berminat. heee..XD

Dewan Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid

Artwork : Sole
Name : Haifa Najihah Binti Hasmi
Material : Poster Colour (primary colour) Buncho
Description : This painting is based on na view of a sun that giving energy and light to natural living on earth.

 Artwork : Diminishing Culture
Name : Ng Kai Yun
Material : Newspaper
Description :  This artwork is about the traditional culture is slowly disappear among the new generation.

 Artwork : Woman Lines
Name : Rohana Binti Mansor
Material : Potpourri flowers, mosaic art, grass powder, sponge powder, bead, false lash, button, leaf

 Artwork : Hope
Name : Zulfarizal Bin Mohamad
Material : Acrylic
Description :  The artwork tells about started with darkness but it has hope for a changing brighter future.

 Sculpture : Transformation
Name : Seah Ni Xing
Material : Wooden Sticks
Description : A transformation start with single line to form a triangle shape than transform to a pyramid and form a sphere.

Artwork : Mystery
Name : Tiong Khai King
Material : Water color and soft pastel
Description :  A mystery story behind the vintage frame.

 Artwork : War
Name : Rohana Binti Mansor
Material : Acrylic on water color paper.
Description :  This painting displays the current plight of war emphasizes the use of perspective, distance and overlap with warm color.

 Sculpture : Feed Me Please
Name : Krissana a/p Oh Ah Paa
Material : Aluminium Wire
Description :  Every single line can create their own characteristics to portray the character of cat. This extraction is to portray cute character.

Sculpture : Relax, Sexy, and Free
Name : Mahani Binti Mustada
Material : Aluminium Wire
Description :  Feel the calmness. Take a relax and free your body to refresh yourself, with this stretching posture.

Sculpture : Elegance and Snobbish
Name : Ng Khai Yun
Material : Aluminium Wire
Description :  Extraction, simplification different line with different thickness and freely line were used to showed the sense of elegance and snobbish.

Artwork : Human
Name : Nor Ammar Bin Nor Izmin
Material : Soft Pastel
Description :  Human attitude towards nature around them.

 Red Fall Lamp by Law Jieh 

  Red Fall Lamp by Law Jieh 

 Lumino Table Lamp by Alice Lau Seow Ying

  Lumino Table Lamp by Alice Lau Seow Ying

 Aurelia Lamp by Lee Sheng Fong

Light Bug Table Lamp