Presentation : I N S T A G R A M [Multimedia Application Development]


Hi! wahhh gituwww. Busy bah saya lately. Okay lah so what's for today post? Nak citer pasal betapa happy aku bila dapat godek Microsoft Powerpoint 2013. So sekarang ni aku tgh last semester kat University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and I've been busting to get my projects done. So here one of it lah. I did a review about attractive interface and i chose Instagram. But why? uhmm.. because that's everyone favorite...? daaa. haha..okay, so I'm good at using Microsoft Office Word (any years version) so you guys can ask me if you guys ever need a favor aite! I'll try to master at using Powerpoint so that i could teach yall on how to use, design and such. Anything just tanya aku. boleh bah..

This template are already in Microsoft Powerpoint. I downloaded and installed it to my computer and then i just change the title, a description and put a picture. You guys can have any types of template or design via "Suggested Searches" as shown in "New" tab. Choose any then download and install to your PC. I chose this because of the design and color seems quite match with the Instagram logo. And because i love chocolate. omg have you tried making your own Nutella Banana Ice Cream Sandwich with Crushed Cashews and Peanuts on Top? I am sooo in love with it! 

As for the content, this is the template and what I have filled with information about Instagram. I set the picture to 3D with Shadow mode by choosing Preset 5 at the Picture Effects button on the FORMAT tab. You must click on the picture first before you can see the FORMAT tab.

I did a web-based application, so you won't see anything about phones here. I set all the pictures to 3D mode as i mentioned earlier.

Instagram is not a strange application to all of us. I bet all of you know and have at least Instagram account right. So follow me! hehe... --> Kyrel Rosli

Ni Instagram aku.. Haha.. saja nk tunjuk interface camner. cewah yee yee jer. eh meh follow k! @kyrelrosli

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