#88LoveLife Surprise Visit at MPH BookStore, Nu Sentral


Either you are a young, teenage, adult person, this book is belongs to all of you who's seeking poems for a life-inspire. #88LoveLife was written and illustrated by a couple of girls from Indonesia; Diana Rikasari (author) and Dinda Puspitasari (illustrator). This book is about the author's daily thoughts on her personal love and life experience. It is a great source for daily inspiration and motivating words, reminding that life is beautiful apart from the hardships we often face. (source from #88LoveLife)

Diana Rikasari is a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Indonesia. She and Dinda wasn't expect that their book would be sell internationally. She first shocked when she found out that her friend saw someone was holding #88LoveLife in Paris. (source from #88LoveLife)

#88LoveLife was illustrated by Dinda Puspitasari; a lifestyle blogger. She loves anything that relates to art and has been drawing since she was a young girl. Her signatures are dots and girls dressed up in stylish outfits as you (if you have read the book) can see in some of the book pages. (source from #88LoveLife)

Thanks to Innerviena sebab ajak.! It was a fantastic experience for the session I'm happy dapat jumpa blogger! hahaha.. 

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