KKBOX Live Session, Dal.Komm Coffee, Subang


Hi all! Would like to say a millions thanks to +KKBOXMalaysia for having me on their #SesiLive recently at Dal.Komm Coffee, Subang. It was a fantastic performance by Daiyan Trisha, Kaka Azraff, Aziz Harun, Hunny Madu, and Kayda Aziz.

Daiyan Trisha performed her song "Jatuh" in acoustic version! It was my very first time listening to her song and I immediately love this slow version. The lyric were so nice and beautiful and i love how she arranged it. Hey, if you looking forward to watch the full video, don't forget to checkout and subscribe to KKBOX Malaysia

Kaka Azraff performed her hit single "Bukan Hal Aku". Yes, ramai tau lagu ni kan.. hahaha eh, but if you listen live mmg enjoy lagu ni. Best giler! I can't get this song out of my head until now. Hahaha

Kaka Azraff with Bella Luna Band. Kaka is currently on her making of new album. Ella is her idol ever since she was young. To Kaka, being a singer/artist, there's no solo or collaboration in order to be a good singer. It depends on how does the song(s) fits for a solo or for a collaboration with others. 

Aziz Harun is a Brunei young artist who were also performed his new single entitled "Beautiful" at the #SesiLive KKBOX. Currently expanding his passion in music across the Malaysia. Let us welcome him shall we!

Last performance by Hunny Madu and Kayda Aziz. A medley of combination "No Diggity" by Blackstreet and their own song entitled "Go Hard or Gostan". They made the performance completely like you're in room singing along with your friends. If you watch Pitch Perfect I'm sure you guys knows the song. This version would be the best of the best version I ever listened! Don't forget to subscribe KKBOX Malaysia to watch the full video!

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