Dolly Dim Sum, Avenue K


I know that Dim Sum is a "thing" now and everyone loves it! So at my very first attempt try out this Dim Sum (I can eat seafood tho), me and friends goes to Dolly Dim Sum located at Avenue K in front of Johnny Rockets and WonderMama. This branch here is where you would want to capture photos like you're at somewhere at Korea or luxury place or something. Luckily for the weather that day, we felt like we're somewhere in New York City. Hahahaha lol :p

Meet my Foodgasmer people!  (From left) Ad Rosli, Innerviena, Manal, and me.

Ecah were with us then she got to go earlier since she have class. So here's your photo Ecah with Manal!

Yam Croquette filled with diced flavoured meat, mushrooms and peace for Yam Lovers! 

Steamed pan-fried radish cake with prawns and dried scallops gives me the "ummph!" sound really made my day. Can't believe i ate seafood. Hahaaha..

Thai Style Fried Rice; fried rice in piquant Thai Sauce with prawns, squid and chicken! Love this one! Damn

Egg Custard Bun; steamed white buns with flowing salted egg yolk caramel that melts in your mouth. You might need a tissue for this one tho. Hehehe..

Szechuan Dumpling, a must have when you're here. I know I'm not a seafood lover and i hate seafood but this one made me love seafood. I kept on eating this one! Hue hue hue.. Overall I give 3.8 over 5. Might wanna come back here again tho.

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