Skytrex, Shah Alam

Assalamualaikum semua!

Haaa so a month goes by after our previous Skytrex didn't go well as planned we had to postponed to 2nd January 2015. Alhamdulillah for the second time to Skytrex, everything went well as planned, the weather was so lovely, the winds were.. pretty much say as good as usual. I did told you guys about Skytrex before so I ain't gonna talk about it.. again. So what's for the game? Well we took Extreme Challenge and it was SOOOOO ah damn i can't describe how amazing it was. Hahaha let's take a look at some photos I manage to captured shall we?

So far in Malaysia there's 3 Skytrex one is as where we're been here Shah Alam, second at Langkawi and third at Melaka. And may I introduce you my team starting from the left! Shaa, Kyrel (me), Aunty Diana, Wani, Bob, Syidah and Afiq. Hehehe...

Like i said on my previous Skytrex post, there are 3 main challenges. First is Little Adventure (Beginners), Big Thrill (Intermediate) and third is Extreme Challenge (Advanced). We took Extreme Challenge and ya, kinda proud. *applause haha

Overall for Extreme Challenge you will have about challenges (most of them are flying fox). Okay so first and foremost before you ever start your Extreme Challenge, you'll gonna have to learn about all the safety measures and precautions, how to do that, how to do this, oh f what is harness at first checkpoint by the Instructor.  

 U-C Clipping. Very important!

Connect and disconnect your U-C Clipping here.

Don't you ever forget about unlock and lock that U-C clipping (or whatever oh shoot i forgot!) every time you reached at the end of the rope. To unlock, simple unlock through the red-circle as you can see on the picture above. Why? Because it is the only way bro, so you wouldn't unlocked anywhere in the middle of rope while you're flying foxing. Har har har.. then you die.

Flying Fox

 Flying Fox

Canopy Walk. Paling senang and best nak buat. Rasa macam nak golek2 sini hahaha

 Walk On A Single-Rope

 Monkey Bar. It is easy as what you think. Remember to use your pulley to avoid you from falling. If you can't do Monkey Bar you can also do Flying Fox, see that is the use of "pulley" at this level.

Aunty Diana was so afraid at second challenge; Flying Fox then after she managed to through the obstacles she was so brave at all other obstacles. She finished first than all of us! Hah! How could that be? Lol

So far, this is more I-HATE challenge. To get your foot on the rope and the foot to the other rope was so freaking arghhh. Hahahaha You'll face it at the middle of challenges. Be careful at this one!

 Dorang ni malas dah, Syidah sampai nak give up. Poyo ah hahaha

There are two high single stairs you'll need to climb up, first was at the third checkpoint at third after you managed across all the Flying Fox, Monkey Bar, Single-Rope Walk, Pipe, and such. This will lead you to a long Single-Rope Walk!

 The upper rope (where you'll be holding on to it) will getting higher as you walk at the middle of this section so you might wanna "jongket" sikit kalau tak tinggi. Hehehe..

 Bob dah takut, tulah penakut kan. Kemain mula2. Hahahhaa

Meh abam belanja gambar abang. Huhuh sedih gambar sendiri x byk. Hahah kbye.

 Cross-Side Pipe. 

This was at the end of your challenges, you'll more relax and yes a bit tired but I was really enjoyed with the nature, environment, excitement and such. Will absolutely be back for a second trill and challenges!! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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