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Assalamualaikum, hi!

Boat noodles or kuai tiao ruea (Thai: ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ) is a Thai style noodle dish, which has a strong flavor. The color of the soup is similar to beef noodles soup (Thai: ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ). It is commonly served in a small bowl. The other ingredients of boat noodles are garlic, fried garlic, radish, cinnamon, bean sprouts, parsley, morning glory and some paprika. Type of the noodles for boat noodle are several, thin rice noodles, egg noodles, sen yai (Thai: เส้นใหญ่) and sen lek. (Thai: เส้นเล็ก). 

I've tried and updated post about Thai Boat Noodle, so I'd wanna try some different Thai dishes. At Little Rara they served aged old family recipe original Street Style Boat Noodle, made only from 100% thai product & halal guarantee. Made every bowl from the heart. And of course some other different dishes that YOU MIGHT WANNA TRY TOO!

Freshly Grilled to Perfection Australian Beef for those who loves beef is the one you guys should order when comes to Little Rara here in Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.

If you wanna get to an empty spot, make sure you come early cuz they ain't gonna reserved for ya. Like the time I'm here with Ecah and Ad Rosli, we have to wrote our name on the waiting list until they call for us for an empty spot/table. It is worth of waiting for Thai food. Trust me, I've been there (oh no you didn't... lol)

This is Ad Rosli. The one really loves having dinner here! Thanks for recommended this place! 

Active girl in ABM team. And oh my, my eyes were sore because I just got from work.

 Grilled Australian Beef served with Thai Sour Chilli Sauce. Small : MYR 12.00

Pad Kra Praw (Rice with Basil Leaf+Egg) or Chicken with sour and salty taste for those wou love to try Thai Food MYR 8.00

Maggie Tom Yam Talay with Prawns, Crab and Crab Sticks, Dumpling, and Half-Cooked Egg for 2-3 person serving. Small : MYR 18.00

Home? No, but yeah they made it looks like you're having dinner in Kampung! Oh, miss the good old days 😌

Little Rara Thai Noodle House

Jln Kia Peng (Paramount club parking) 
Monday - Saturday : 5.00pm-12.00am 

Jalan Tar 
Monday - Saturday : 4.30pm-11.30pm 

Contact :+6013255 9033

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