Campus Unity #1000 | Gogegaria Festival 2018, Shah Alam


Hey guys! If you have been go-through my previous post about #Gogegaria than you'd probably know about the event already. The first ever Campus Unity #1000 X Gogegaria Festival was successfully held on 13th January 2018 at Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam, Selangor. The event was meant to celebrate The Unity of Students that unites all universities students from minimum 10 universities in Malaysia in one channel. Togetherness, uniting people with Music, Art, Food, E-Sports, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and Local Artist and Celebrities under the same sky.

Instagrammable spots that let you to be creative with your camera!

Balloon area for children and... adult? Everyone!

Tried out this gigantic traditional game called "Congkak". Really brought back the good old memories, but the different about this Gigantic Congkak was that, they used red-colored golf balls so that it is much easier to just grab all of it and puas hati! Lol

Explained on how to play Congkak to the international students who's currently studying in Malaysia. They got too excited when they saw me and my friend playing with this. 

You have to fill your "house" in order to win.

I rasa i boleh masa maggie pakai bowl tu la. Haha

Skipping Rope! Or what I used to called it as "Tali Skipping" basically the same thing, I just use tali (rope) in Malay Language. I think this was also the most memorable things of childhood that most of us did when we got nothing to do at home. Back then there was no Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wasn't popular yet, no popular online games, no term of selfie, and pretty much what are people nowadays do, we don't really have it back then. Traditional games was what made most and I would say most of us felt more alive than ever. You just need your friends and real-time real-life game to hangout and play with.

Move on to the next popular traditional games that was introduced here at Gogegaria Festival 2018 in Shah Alam was the 
Sepak Bulu Ayam". They said only those who used to play football knows how to play this but nah.. in modern days we do it the Elfira Loy way.. Hahah.. did I said it correct? Instead of using our legs to kept the "Feathers" bounced, we actually used our hands and passed it to anyone in our circle as long as it doesn't touched the ground. It was really fun to play with your friends. 

Heads up there were this "Medical Facilities" booth that offered you free health-check-up; your blood pressure, your heart beat, etc.

Interviewed by Monsta as a UiTM representative.

All students from different backgrounds and universities gathered together for Campus Unity. We did fun activities together. You may check it out at Monsta Facebook Page.

Lifestyle Booth where your favorite and famous artists shared their lifestyle tips just for you.

 Meet and Greet session with DeFam and Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan's TV Host, Naz.

 The group that I am so adored and proud of as they are most international and perfect package as a group. This was my very first time seeing them. Finally!!

 Missing Cik Manggis in the picture as she's currently in Spain.

Ya ampun you guys, walaupun udah lama (not so lama lah) kenalan sama mas Jedi, gue buat pertama kali nya bisa ketemu sama Jedi disini. Jedi lagian berada disini karena dia lagi liputan untuk SAYS. Eh betulke aku cakap ni. Hahaha... haaa kalau korang nak tau (rasanya semua tau) yang selalu kecoh kat Facebook SAYS tu dia ni lah.. retis and duta SAYS gituh! Hahaha.. nice meeting you bro! (Nama dia Zaidi Aziz)

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It was such a great and full of colours event I've ever joined! The collaboration between GoGegaria and Monsta really unites all the students and everyone in one channel with a massive outstanding number of people of came to the event. They are having this event again at another two different locations and dates! Lookout for these info below:
  • 3rd February 2018 - Angsana Johor Bahru Mall, Padang A, Johor Bahru, Johor
  • 24th February 2018 - Stadium Darul Makmur, Kuantan