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So proud to finally share about this with all of you!

Hi yall! So proud that we are finally in 2018 and I am so glad to say that I have finally did something on my blog. Which is my new interface! I have been using the same chocolate-map-design for like years and I haven't done anything to change it.

What's up with the new interface? As much as how I wanna keep things simple and well organized, it took me approximately 3 days to go behind every single coding just to get my desired interface. It was a really and very very long codes but I managed to do it by the end of December 2017. Thanks with the help of Sora Templates, my blog are now look more organized and professional.

Overall look of my new blog-site

Technically this is how it all should look when you are visiting my blog. All the pop out screens shows you how it'll looks when you clicked on any blog post or any link on my blog. You can see and my as well follow me on other social media accounts too. Don't forget to subscribe on my Youtube Channel as I have promised myself that I would do videos (maybe v-log but we'll see). 

This post is dedicated to my best friend @ecahz who have been asking me to change my blog-look for quiet some times. Thank you so much!

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