Sunday, September 20, 2015

#88LoveLife Surprise Visit at MPH BookStore, Nu Sentral


Either you are a young, teenage, adult person, this book is belongs to all of you who's seeking poems for a life-inspire. #88LoveLife was written and illustrated by a couple of girls from Indonesia; Diana Rikasari (author) and Dinda Puspitasari (illustrator). This book is about the author's daily thoughts on her personal love and life experience. It is a great source for daily inspiration and motivating words, reminding that life is beautiful apart from the hardships we often face. (source from #88LoveLife)

Diana Rikasari is a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Indonesia. She and Dinda wasn't expect that their book would be sell internationally. She first shocked when she found out that her friend saw someone was holding #88LoveLife in Paris. (source from #88LoveLife)

#88LoveLife was illustrated by Dinda Puspitasari; a lifestyle blogger. She loves anything that relates to art and has been drawing since she was a young girl. Her signatures are dots and girls dressed up in stylish outfits as you (if you have read the book) can see in some of the book pages. (source from #88LoveLife)

Thanks to Innerviena sebab ajak.! It was a fantastic experience for the session I'm happy dapat jumpa blogger! hahaha.. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

COMSTAR Annual Grand Meeting 2015


Hi semua! Haaaa sedar x sedar dah final year dah aku. Mcm biasa every 5th semester akan ada satu upacara pertukaran jawatan kelab COMSTAR (kelab course kiteorang). Annual Grand Meeting or AGM ni adalah second last yg kiteorang buat and our juniors will be the last. Knp eh? sbb UTM dah x amek dak2 Diploma lagi dahhh. huwaaa sedih. Nonetheless, I am so happy dapat kenal semua and had a lot of fun with them. Kepada yang dah diterima jawatan dari senior2 korang tu, haaaa do your duties and responsibilities dengan bersungguh-sungguh and amanah. Akan ada air pasang surut, itu korang kene biasa lah. And buat yang terbaik and make yourself and your lecturers and UTM proud of you since korang batch yg terakhir kt sini k!

 Adwin Pikong. 



 Aika, lydia, Afrina

 Mirol Sparrow

Ain-Syahtul Shahira

 Amirah Hanani &Syafiq Asyraf 

 Kyrel Rosli (weh aku lah! perghhh)

 Lydia Shahira & Luqman

 Afrina & Saiful

 Adwin & Shahrul

 Yang tengah tu Rodong. Eh salah.. nama dia Amirul! Mirol Sparrow pun boleh!

(dari kiri) Aika, Pika, Amirah, Mirol, Adwin, Shahrul, aku.

Here a sneak peak of Firdaus menari. hahaha senyap2 aku rakam. Sorry weh.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KKBOX Live Session, Dal.Komm Coffee, Subang


Hi all! Would like to say a millions thanks to +KKBOXMalaysia for having me on their #SesiLive recently at Dal.Komm Coffee, Subang. It was a fantastic performance by Daiyan Trisha, Kaka Azraff, Aziz Harun, Hunny Madu, and Kayda Aziz.

Daiyan Trisha performed her song "Jatuh" in acoustic version! It was my very first time listening to her song and I immediately love this slow version. The lyric were so nice and beautiful and i love how she arranged it. Hey, if you looking forward to watch the full video, don't forget to checkout and subscribe to KKBOX Malaysia

Kaka Azraff performed her hit single "Bukan Hal Aku". Yes, ramai tau lagu ni kan.. hahaha eh, but if you listen live mmg enjoy lagu ni. Best giler! I can't get this song out of my head until now. Hahaha

Kaka Azraff with Bella Luna Band. Kaka is currently on her making of new album. Ella is her idol ever since she was young. To Kaka, being a singer/artist, there's no solo or collaboration in order to be a good singer. It depends on how does the song(s) fits for a solo or for a collaboration with others. 

Aziz Harun is a Brunei young artist who were also performed his new single entitled "Beautiful" at the #SesiLive KKBOX. Currently expanding his passion in music across the Malaysia. Let us welcome him shall we!

Last performance by Hunny Madu and Kayda Aziz. A medley of combination "No Diggity" by Blackstreet and their own song entitled "Go Hard or Gostan". They made the performance completely like you're in room singing along with your friends. If you watch Pitch Perfect I'm sure you guys knows the song. This version would be the best of the best version I ever listened! Don't forget to subscribe KKBOX Malaysia to watch the full video!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Computer Hardware Management & Services : Presentation Day, UTM SPACE


Haaa sedar x sedar dah minggu akhir / kelas akhir untuk subject "Computer Hardware Management &Services" Puan Raja Aida ni.. Untuk kelas terakhir ni segala apa project kiteorang kene present. Ada dua project yg kiteorang present. First pasal Component Parts and second pasal Surveying Component Parts.

The best Lecturer I would say... Thanks Puan for all the memories. Wahh gituwww ayat sangat nk markah lebih! hahaa.. Semoga jumpa lagi final exam nanti. hihihi

  Ketua Group A K A E . Nama dia Mirol Sparrow, asal bera, suka buat punchline.

 Maaf Puan amek gambar senyap2. Hihihi. Really hope you like our presentation and i really think you like it! 

 Edlyn tengah cakap omputeh.