Bukit Tabur Far East


Apa khabar semua? Sihat? Haa dah lama aku x hiking, kali ni hiking mana? Bukit Tabur! Yes korang dah baca dua entry aku pasal Bukit Tabur tapi lain2 okay. So aku dah hiking Bukit Tabur West Summit, East Summit, and baru-baru ni aku hiking Far East dengan Extreme pulak. Yes! Almost complete! Lagi satu tinggal which is Extra Summit untuk complete kan Bukit Tabur ni. 

 Hi this is Bryan Adam, he likes to go to gym very very much. That's why his body is big. Big much. Eh hahaha 

Kiteorang hiking dengan kawan2 Alwani yang lain. So total dalam 30 macam tu termasuk guiders. Kiteorang hiking selepas solat Subuh. 

 Ni Anwar Legasi. Hurmm Anwar dah banyak kali hiking Bukit Tabur. Relax jer. Don't be like Anwar. Eh haahaahah lol! 

 Ni Shaa Mahmud. Shaa suka lolipop bila hiking. Be like Shaa.

It took us about an hour to reach at the top of Tabor Hills, Far East Summit. This photo was taken at 7.53 in the morning. It was the perfect morning that day. Love it! Tabur Far East is part of the famous Klang Gates Quartz Ridge in Hulu Kelang. Going from west to east, it is the set of peaks after Tabur East. 

I bet you guys remember Alwani from last post of Skytrex right? And woohoo look at the view!

With a height of 357 meters or 1171 feet from the ground, Far East Summit is one of five other hills here at Bukit Tabur. Bukit Tabur is most familiar at the West Side as it are lot more easier to hike than the one at the East side which is more steeper and risk to those who do not familiar with it. Ask yourself before you're ready for the East challenge! Once you have made it, I promise you, you'll see the most beautiful view here! Just look at my photo here, isn't that beautiful and relaxing? 

Tabur Far East is not long nor as high as Tabur East (or Tabur West), the trails ends after about 2km and the highest point is only about 357m. But it does have challenging sections, and in my opinion, some dangerous part.

Bukit Tabur Far East checked!

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