#NATUREXX - Bukit Tabur East Peak


Hi all! So this month my weekend packed with hiking activities! We've done Tabur West Summit, Tabur East Summit, Tabur Extreme, and Tabur Far East. I haven't been yet Tabur Extra to complete these 5 Peaks at Bukit Tabur so stay tuned! Personally, East is quite challenging! But the view is subhanallah so cantik! Sunset dia perghhhh.. terbaik bak hang!

This peak right here is an extra-journey you have to go from the peak right where you'll see a yellow-signboard that says "East Bukit Tabur 275m". Please do not try to attempt any action like what i did in this photo. I do this because I wanna fight against my fear of high. 

So uhm, I did shared this picture above here on a Facebook page. I just thought "Hey, this photo looks nice, maybe I should share this". But of course I didn't want anybody to this like what I did in this photo. I got lots of positive and negative comments. Yes, this is stupid but I did this at my own risk. I love my life but no one knows the actual reason I did this. Ntahlah, susah nak citer... That is why I said, PLEASE DON'T TRY TO DO THIS! My intention was not to be brag about "hey, aku boleh buat lahh!" NO! It is life challenging and I made it. Masa aku buat ni, kawan aku pun suh stop. Memang aku stop, dan aku xde lah buat lama2. Giler ke apa? Aku pun syg nyawa jugak dan aku tau limit aku sampai mana. Every one have their own opinions kan, aku xleh nak cakap apa lah, cuma yg aku tau jgn tiru. Kalau ko rasa ko pandai imbangkan badan, bagus lah. Kalau tak, sendiri tanggung. That's it.


I guess my friends and I were so lucky at this time for a PERFECT SUNSET ever!! Yes! Only the four of us were at this summit. All of these sunset photos were taken at 6:56pm on Sunday.

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